More than 30 Years with Emotion in the Background!

The idea of building a kart track in Évora in the late eighties was a bold initiative, until then, karting was a sport only for competition, with a small number of participants and little publicized among the general population.

Dick Peters, founder of the Évora kart track and a karting enthusiast, took the initiative, took the risk and on 15 November 1987 the kart track was inaugurated with a Portuguese Cup race. The Karting Track made five karts available for rent from the start, even though they were somewhat primitive models.

In 1990 the Dianakart Trophy was launched and quickly became the most prestigious karting competition in Portugal. In the following years this race began to have strong media visibility, giving national projection to the sport and the Évora kart track, which became a reference from north to south of Portugal and even in Spain.

The great bet of the owners of the Evora kart track, lead them to make significant improvements in 1995, the perimeter of the track increased from 680 to the current 908 meters, new infrastructure was built such as: A panoramic bench, workshop, office and shop. The track is now fully lit, allowing the practice of the sport at any time of day or night.

Perhaps this was the motto, the inspiration for the organisation of the first "24 Hours of Évora". The achievement of the first event of this nature catapulted the leisure Karting. The year 1995 definitely launched the Évora Karting Track. It was also at this time that began the realization of karting races for groups, an innovative service that combines the adrenaline of the sport with unique moments of leisure and conviviality.

In 1997, other leisure competitions began to emerge, the main one being the Companies trophy, sponsored by Porta da Ravessa. In 2000, the Évora Karting Track also began to invest in a set of entertainment and leisure activities parallel to Karting, increasing the range of products available to its customers.

We are proud of this project that today has the same essence of 20 years ago: the quality and professionalism of our services, the sympathy in the attendance, the dedication of the technical department, the quality of the karts fleet construction and the dynamism of the sportive organizations, of which the 24 Hours of Évora is the maximum exponent.

Karting is our passion, customers are the center of our attention, that's how we want to be!